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7 East Steps to Make a Targeted Facebook Ad That Really Works!

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Over the past few years, friends have come to me when they have questions regarding their Facebook ad campaigns. After working on several different spa and beauty Facebook marketing campaigns, I've narrowed down what works and what does not work when creating a Facebook ad. This post is especially for those just getting started with working with Facebook ads and marketing your spa or beauty business in general.

1. Log into your Facebook "business page". This must be a business page, and not your "personal" page that you are using for your business.

2. Create the post that you want to advertise on your business page. A photo is a must! A quick video will work too. Keep the post on the short side. Studies show that a shorter post gets more attention. Check back as I will devote a separate post on how to construct a Facebook ad that will get you attention.

a. Use #hashtags for important information. Don't use too many hashtags, 4 or 5 at the most.
b. Include your main city where you operate and hashtag what you do. Example: #lashes, #marketing, #Pittsburgh.
c. Create a link to your business name in the post by using "@" in front of your business page name (@pureskincarepittsburgh).

Here is an example below of an actual post that I use to get more people to book for our Botox day. It works!

Our actual ad (as an example):
Get pretty for the new year at Pure Skin Care Pittsburgh on Tuesday, January 19, 2016. We'll be holding our Botox and Juvaderm savings event in ‪#‎Pittsburgh‬. This will be the last time that we will be offering ‪#‎Botox‬ for $10 a unit, and $50 off your first treatment of‪ #‎Juvaderm‬ for all clients. ‪#‎Discount‬ ‪#‎sale‬. Appointments are limited, so please call today to reserve your spot at 412.XXX.XXXX.

3. Next, click on the blue button that says "BOOST POST". This will make your post viewable to the target audience that you select in the next step.

4. Audience
a. Click on "People You Choose Through Targeting"

b. Click on "Create New Audience"

c. Cities: Select which cities near you that you would like to target. I also choose either +10 miles or +25 miles from my main city.

d. Age: For some reason age 23-64 works best for me.

e. Gender: For spas, fashion, and beauty related posts, choose WOMEN only.

f. Interests -----> VERY IMPORTANT - LEAVE BLANK. When I put interests in, my ads don't do well. Hit save.

5. Total Budget
a. This is the total budget you want to spend over the number of days that you want your ad to run.

6. Duration
a. Two days works best for me. I manually ad the date that I want the ad to stop in the box below, rather than choosing 1 day or 7 days, as it prompts you to do.

7. Billing
You then put in your credit card information for billing. Make sure to save your receipt, as this is an advertising/marketing expense that you can write off.

This is what your Facebook page will look like when setting up your ads:

Choose: People you choose through targeting

Name of Ad: Botox (you can name and save your target audience for future use - mine is called "botox").

Edit Audience| Choose Create New

Audience Location: United States: South Park (+50 mi), Bethel Park (+50 mi), Brentwood (+50 mi), Canonsburg (+50 mi), Finleyville (+50 mi), McMurray (+50 mi), Mount Lebanon (+50 mi), Pittsburgh (+50 mi), Presto (+50 mi), Uniontown (+50 mi), Upper St. Clair Township, Allegheny County (+50 mi), Venetia (+50 mi), Whitehall (+50 mi), Peters Township (+50 mi) Pennsylvania

Age: 23 - 64

Gender: Female

Total budget Estimated People Reached 7,800 - 21,000 people of 770,000 Refine your audience or add budget to reach more of the people that matter to you.

- I always manually choose 2 days and put the date in the box below. You will spend $10.00 per day, i.e. I added a total budget of $20.00, so I will spend $10 per day.

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